EPS delivers a true variable assist system by measuring not only vehicle speed, but also steering torque at both the handlebars and wheels. The electronic control unit measures steering input forces, resistance and speed, instructing the motor to deliver turning forces at predetermined levels. And let’s not forget tilt steering, allowing you to adjust the steering wheel higher or lower, however you want.

Where mud rains. You reign.

Mud — part dirt, part water. But when nature mixes them together, you get an incredibly powerful element. A similar combination happens when we piece together a snorkel air intake, Maxxis Zilla tires, aluminum rims and an H Series EFI engine. It’s a powerful thing that brings out the competitive nature in all of us. And there’s no better alliance with mud and all its race majesty than a machine that bears the name Arctic Cat MudPro.™



On top of the ATV food chain.

Just look out there. Nature is calling you to come out and play. And to bring some of your big toys with you. In particular, toys with electronic power steering, huge ground clearance and gigantic displacement. Power is a beautiful thing. It gets you over and through stuff nature likes to throw in your way. We build these machines so you can go places only the powerful can go. And to play where only big bores play.



The race-inspired XC 450 and DVX™ 300 are what racing down the trail, hugging tight corners and blasting dirt mounds are all about. But wait … there’s more. Take on offroads. Attack sand dunes. These machines ride, handle and corner like nobody’s business. And if that’s not all — both machines look cooler than anything else out on the trail.



One with nature. Two with machine.

There are some places on this beautiful green earth you just have to fi nd with a partner. And no other 2-up machine gets you there as smooth or as comfortable as the Arctic Cat TRV.® With all the comforts of home … lavishly mounted on four aluminum rims, a fully independent suspension and an ultraplush chassis. You may not have the 50-inch HDTV along. But look around. Who needs it when you have things in real definition snuggling all around you.


There's always work to be done.

There’s always work to be done. Wood to cut. Manure to shovel. And to that, we say, “Bring on more.” Because you have two hardworking machines to help you — the TBX™ 700 XT and the Super Duty Diesel 700. The TBX 700 XT has a 300-lb.-capacity tilting rear cargo box, so it’s perfect for loading and hauling bigger loads. While the ever-reliable Diesel 700 has a large rear SpeedRack and runs on six different types of fuel. These machines have as much guts, determination and calluses as you do. And like you, they don’t know the word “quit”.


Kids. Love. Dirt.

Where there are puddles, you will find this ATV's tracks. Powered by a 90 cc 4-stroke engine and a wealth of features, the world just became our kids' playground.