Side x Sides

sportsidexside.JPGSPORT SIDE X SIDES
Rip your smile muscle a new one.

You’ve never seen, dreamed or driven anything like the Wildcat.™ Because things that are one-in-a-million get that way for a reason. Speed. Agility. And more power than a blazing sandstorm. Especially with a 951cc, H2 V-Twin blasting over the dunes. Its performance is downright amazing. And its handling — tight and precise. Ain’t nothing like it. And that grin on your face, well that’s not coming off anytime soon.



Launch boat. Find deer stand. Ride trail. Repeat often.

We belong outside. It’s a simple fact. Doesn’t matter where. We just do. Could be up at the cabin putting in the boat, getting to that deer stand deep in the woods or helping bale hay at an uncle’s farm. Wherever. Thing is, you and a partner have to get there. And no other machine does it with as much versatility and sheer determination as a Prowler. This machine understands your yearning. It’s as natural and powerful as the outdoors itself.



The Prowler HDX is one big power lifter. The HDX features FOX Float rear shocks and a rear cargo box that can easily handle up to 1,000 pounds. Load rocks, gravel, hay bales or a set of tools if you want. There’s even a 3-passenger seat to haul your crew around. The HDX is your all-in-one utility vehicle.

Power Steering with tilt steering wheel
Our electronic power steering provides variable assist — this measures steering input forces versus tire resistance and speed. This provides the exact amount of steering assist. And tilt steering allows you to adjust the wheel either higher or lower.

Hauling lumber? Or a prized buck? Or maybe you need a workbench in the middle of nowhere. Just remove the sides of the cargo box with the included tools and you have yourself a handy flatbed.